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  1. Kiev, Ukraine, the capital see the highest rate of children adoption in recent time. It is recorded a new tendency to adopt orphan children, more then ever before, domestic adoption is on the rise more then international adoption by foreign adoptive parents.

    “Kiev has the highest in Ukraine the figure is 90% up for rate of adoption and the continuous trend, when most of the orphans are adopted by Ukraine citizens through the domestic adoption rather then by foreign adoptive parents through international adoptions as it was expected earlier,” – said Deputy head of Kiev city administration Anna Starostenko, during a visit on the occasion of the Day of Ukraine adoption. Kiev city official visited one of Ukraine adoptive parents the family of Natalia and Sergey Gedz, who are raising 12 children. Most of children are adopted.

    So new rules has significantly eased the process and practice of Ukraine adoption for both domestic adoption programs and intercountry adoption programs for international adoptive parents.

    Now in the Gedz family has 12 children: two biological, eight adopted and two newly adopted children, and two grown up children from this family are planning to adopt as well in the near future.

    “Family, despite all the difficulties, accept and adopt orphaned children, carrying a real feat”, – said Starostenko.

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  2. Foreign adoptive parents will find it easier to adopt children from Ukraine. Nowadays in Ukraine, adoption authorities want to simplify the practice and procedure of Ukraine adoption of children by foreign citizens who wish to complete their intercountry adoption in Ukraine. On Tuesday, January 15, 2013 the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine was registered the draft law on the ratification by Ukraine of the European Convention on protection of children and post-adoption cooperation by and between countries in respect of intercountry children adoption.

    The draft law document was submitted to the Parliament by the President Victor Yanukovych, at Presidential initiative. In the case of the parliament ratification of the proposed changes to the Ukraine law on both domestic and international children adoption practice, the proposed changes will come in the form of the Bill effective immediately and will clearly regulate the procedure for Ukraine adoption and tracking of the fate of Ukrainian children adopted abroad from Ukraine. By making changes to the existing Ukraine adoption legislation the process of adoption will become fastrack process with less bureaucratic legal paper work process.

    The document proposes to establish a list of authorized organizations that can deal with the issues of Ukraine adoption on both domestic level and international adoption practice and transfer of custody of children through appropriate authorised institutions. According to the proposed changes it is exclusively institutions entitled with the guardianship, services for children, Ministry of social policy and consular offices of Ukraine abroad. The new adoption law will regulate the process and practice and communication by and between all the institution involved.

    Under the bill, in Ukraine adoption priority for adopting children from Ukraine will be given to the adoptive parents who are citizens of member countries of the Convention, relatives of the children themselves, as well as citizens of States that previously had signed relevant agreements.

    Ukraine adoption law will allow child to travel abroad only after the adoption court decision will entry into force on intercountry adoption and give permission for the activities of foreign adoptive agents to become legal parents under Ukraine adoption law on the territory of Ukraine. Also under new changes of the law government of Ukraine supervision and tracking of Ukraine child shall be enacted and tracking made possible with the help of authorises agencies and authorities of both countries, where adoptive parents and child (Ukraine) originally come from. The government tracking of the Ukraine adopted child shall continue up until the moment the child will turn 18(21) years of age.

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  3. Where are mom and dad? Finding a new adoptive parents for orphan children in Ukraine in the named new Ukraine adoption national policy. All these years the set goal has been to find solutions that supposed to bring the fastest result. Children can’t wait forever adoptive mom and dad, they need them today. On the other hand adoptive parents can’t wait forever, time is passing by the need for help to the child in need is going away, simply because the child is growing up. Adoptive parents willing to give their love and their family warmth to a child right now is fading away with with the time of long wait of government permission and regulations etc. The goal is to bring both side adoptive parents and waiting children together as soon as possible to know about each other rather sooner. The new Ukraine adoption national policies is set out to do just that, help meet adoptive parents and waiting children together and the state will sort out their adoption process and practice papers in timely manner. this approach is bearing some inherent conditions that can not and should not be avoided in any way or form, it must be fulfilled prior. But no bureaucrat or government official should stay in a way of new adoptive parent to have their waiting child , wait any longer to be welcomed in the new family and have new parent, for good , for love, forever.

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  4. We will create and launched an online guide to children’s homes

    The online guide on Ukraine adoption was created in order to organize charity visits to Ukraine state institutions for children-orphans and deprived of parental care was easier, this to include without limitation Ukraine children orphan house, family-type orphanage homes and facilities run by government of Ukraine. The reason for creation of online Ukraine adoption guide was the fact that there are many compassionate people both among Ukrainian citizen and international adoptive parents and families who wants to help but do not know where to turn to extend their helping held to children in need. It is also will serve as guide for adoption initiatives for both domestic adoptive parents and international adoption families who wish to complete their adoption of the child from Ukraine and in most cases these people don’t know where their help is needed, where their should go to start to bring that much needed help to waiting children of Ukraine.

    The information on Ukraine adoption guide is being organized geographically, includes the types of institutions (children’s home, orphanage, rehabilitation center, shelter). Before organizing the trip should carefully read the recommendations on assistance to children-orphans, and learn where Ukraine adoption is best suited for adoption by both domestic adoption families and traveling international adoptive families.

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  5. Ukraine national policy towards adoption : Destination – The Family

    Every year, when time comes to celebrate the Day of adoption in Ukraine many most of people remember that we as society do have such problem of abandoned children in the state care who do not have parents, who were abandoned by their biological parents and who live in the state orphanages in Ukraine. At the same time there large number of people who wish to adopt children into their natural families still waiting for the opportunity to have completed their adoption. So what do we celebrate at this day ? only those who have achieved their success in their adoption process both nationally through domestic adoption and international adoptive parents through international adoptions. The common reasonable question is why we can not celebrate with more or even all children and adoptive parents their success and close this to the large extent embarrassing subject of our life of abandoned to the state children, let’s have them all find each other with adoptive parents and live in a happy family life. Why this can not happen now. Bureaucracy is one of the major problem on the way of adoptive parents can meet their adoptive children. So the government has now officially declare its will to priorities all decisions in the public domain of abandoned children towards adoption through recreated Ukraine adoption programs, and promised to work out hose demands and conditions to the level and extent it will be necessary but easy to fulfil by adoptive parent both national and international adoptive parents to have them completed adoption process in a fast and easy manner. Time will tell what works what not in the real life of Ukraine adoption , in the meantime we celebrate Day of Adoption in Ukraine.

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  9. Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine ) has removed the age limit for Ukraine adoption of children

    Today, September 9, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law “On amendments to the Family code of Ukraine” (regarding Ukraine adoption)”.

    For the corresponding draft law No. 3657 generally voted 256 deputies at the minimum required 226.

    The law provides to withdraw a rule from the current Family code, which specifies that “the age difference between the adopter and the adopted child cannot be more than 45 years.”

    We will remind, earlier, Viktor Yanukovych previous president of Ukraine has commissioned the Ministry of social policy to address issues adoption and protection of children’s rights.

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  10. Today Ukrainians began to adopt fewer children then a year before, this is mainly due to the economic reasons Ukraine currently faced with, war in the East of Ukraine, disintegration of economic ties in the country, fallen incomes, no prospects for the future job development for many, it creates difficult situation, so many people would postpone their adoption of child domestically for now. Therefore in most cases only international adoption parents would help ease the situation with adoptive children ready for adoption.

    Over the last two years Ukrainians have become less likely to adopt domestically and to take in Ukraine orphans. This was announced by Commissioner of the President of Ukraine on children’s rights and Ukraine adoption. Similar drop in domestic adoption in Ukraine did happen 2 year prior the current observed period and it was also noted by Mr. Pavlenko then Commissioner of the President of Ukraine on children’s rights and Ukraine adoption.

    “Over the past two years has decreased the number of children who were adopted domestically in Ukraine and took adoptive children in foster families, orphanages of family type in Ukraine. Thus, in 2009-m to year in a family and each of them takes care went 2.381 children. This year, according to forecasts, there will be no more than 1.200. In 2009 there were 2.351 adopted child, and this year the forecast maximum – 2 thousand”, – said Pavlenko.

    According to official, the reason of decline in Ukraine adoption – the inaction of the authorities. For the same reason, from 10 thousand children orphaned in this year 3 thousand not have found a family and was sent to children’s home.

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  11. There is legal initiatives within Ukraine adoption legal system to do away with secrecy and to waive the confidentiality of adoption in both domestic adoption of Ukraine and international adoption with foreign adoptive parents completing their adoption process in Ukraine with Ukraine children. As advocate say The secrecy of adoption is a relic of the past from which you want to opt out. This was a subject of key conference held by the ministry of youth and family affairs back in the day where the Commissioner appointed by the previous President of Ukraine to supervise the children rights Yuriy Pavlenko has extensively elaborate on the subject matter to bring basic clarity for adoptive parents in Ukraine, mostly concerned application of law in domestic adoption process and practice.

    “However, this should not make a revolution. Everyone has that decision to make on their own, for the secret of adoption as the extent of the law applies, it does not prohibit parents to tell the truth to their children,” the official added. We will remind, in Ukraine celebrate adoption Day annually falls on September 30 and coincides with the Christian feast of Faith, Hope and Charity.

    We will remind, by results of the meeting, which took place on 27 September 2011, was created a Public Council in public domain of Ukraine adoption, on the protection of the rights of the child, which, in particular, relates consideration and decision of matters in relation to adoption both domestic and international for domestic adoptive families and international adoption parents (particularly adoption of children in intercountry adoption in Ukraine etc.).

    Today at a press conference Yuriy Pavlenko promised to make the Ukraine adoption process as easy and as comfortable, as the Ukrainian law will allow for it and said that in all the years of independence Ukrainians have adopted more than 35 thousand orphans and today there are new 1.651 adoptive famalies in Ukraine had applied for Ukraine adoption.

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  12. 98.000 of children in orphans in Ukraine but only third of them can make to Ukraine adoption transfer in both domestic adoption with Ukraine adoptive families or/and international adoption with foreign adoption parents. Current Ukraine adoptive legal system and Ukraine adoption process for national domestic adoption and international adoption can not make the transfer of children any faster then it is currently set to go.

    Currently in Ukraine there are over 98 thousand children-orphans and other children considered by Ukraine family law as deprived of parental care. 16 thousands of children are growing and shall be brought up in orphanages, other children’s homes of family type residences will have about 9 thousand children.

    As for the last year only there were left without family 7939 children. Were adopted by Ukrainian citizen – adoptive parents, through domestic adoption 2.247 orphans, and by foreign adoption parents through international adoption process – 1.202 child, Also 1.449 children went admitted into foster homes and family orphan homes type. In the amount have begun to receive family education almost 5 thousand children. 3 thousands joined the ranks of students as well. Ukraine adoption is state bet to solve the problem of abandoned children in Ukraine.

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  17. Ukraine adoption authorities wants from U.S. officials a report on all adopted children from Ukraine by American adoptive families. According to the rule of law of Ukraine, all adoption children living outside Ukraine up until the age of 18 years old, considered adopted children and shall remain citizen of Ukraine. International adoption from Ukraine as destination of international adoption has become popular among American adoption parents who have completed in 2012, 480 international adoptions of Ukrainian children by U.S. citizens.

    Ukraine adoption authorities wants to receive from US information on all children adopted by American families.

    This was stated by Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for children’s rights Yuriy Pavlenko during a meeting with special adviser to the Secretary of state for children’s issues Susan Jacobs.

    “We insist on getting information about the fate of each child who today live in families of U.S. citizens” — quoted by Pavlenko, the press service of the President of Ukraine. Children’s Ombudsman recalled the commitment of the US authorities to inform competent Ukrainian authorities about children who may be at risk in the family or who changed their place of residence. In the case of tragic accidents with children the message should be immediate, said Pavlenko.

    He also expressed concern that the U.S. legal system does not provide for the preservation of Ukrainian citizenship for children adopted by U.S. citizens. “We trust the U.S. legal system for the protection of children’s rights, however, we consider it necessary with respect to the requirements of Ukraine adoption legislation, given the fact that a child under the age of eighteen is a citizen of our state”, — said Pavlenko.

    In 2012, U.S. citizens adopted 480 Ukrainian children, while one child in four is disabled. Most often adopt children with diagnoses of down syndrome, HIV infection and various congenital malformations.

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  18. In Ukraine adoption in 2012 foreign adoptive families have successfully adopted 655 Ukrainian children through the programs on international adoption. Due to the ever increasing number of international adoption successfully competed in Ukraine, Ministry of Ukraine have decided to advance new policies to inspect the adoptive parents of Ukrainian children. The ministry will examine the living conditions of adopted Ukrainian children abroad. Officially there are 21 321 thousand adopted children from Ukraine residing with their new adoptive parents outside Ukraine.
    This was announced by acting Director of information policy Department of the Foreign Ministry on state of Ukraine adoption with relevance to international adoptions completed by foreign adoptive parents in Ukraine for previous years.

    “In 2012, consular registration put almost 40 thousand citizens of Ukraine, who went abroad temporarily or permanently. Out of this number 655 – foreigners adopted children-citizens of Ukraine,” the diplomat said.

    According to him, as at 31 December 2012 at the consular office of Ukraine abroad there are 21 thousand 321 adopted Ukrainian child residing abroad in adoptive families.

    Recall that in late February the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that taking steps to improve the mechanism of supervision of adopted children from Ukraine, with international adoption process and practice who live outside Ukraine. This decision was made in connection with the death in US of adopted Ukrainian child.

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  19. In Ukraine adoption is gaining momentum new tendency of legal services of adoption advertised through Internet. Decided to adopt a child in Ukraine, both Ukrainian and international adoption parents are now choosing service that best suited for them through the use of Internet.

    Already the first month of the orphan site gave a positive result.

    The state, saying that would be to stimulate the adoption of orphan children compatriots, in late 2008 revealed the previously classified information about the orphan children.

    According to the relevant law the basic information of personal Affairs of the orphans marked For official use only – last name, first name, age, region and presence of brothers and sisters – can now appear on the Internet and television. There are already “advertise” children seeking parental guardianship, writes the Correspondent. In Ukraine adoption registry there are more then 31 thousands of children in need for adoptive parents and while priorities are given for domestic adoptions, international adoption parents are also welcomed in Ukraine as newspapers notes.

    Meanwhile, in 2009 the Ukrainians took the family record for all the years of independence, the number of foster children – about 2.4 thousand, 50% more than in 2004.

    Thanks to the Internet parents, tormented by the question whether to take the family to the child and where to find it, will be able to advance, without psychologically challenging hikes to the orphanage to see and explore all requirements policies and make make an informed decision.

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  21. American diplomats have promised to investigate the death of a Ukrainian adoption child back in Feb. 2013.

    Now continue talks with Ukrainian officials.

    The US Embassy in Ukraine promises to provide the Ukrainian adoption officials with information about Ukraine adoption children residing in America.

    This is stated in the statement of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine about the tragic death of an adopted from Ukraine boy in the USA, published on the website of American Embassy.

    “The U.S. Embassy with deep sorrow that I learned of the tragic death of native of American citizen Andrew Butler in the state of West Virginia. The U.S. state Department is negotiating with Ukrainian officials to help them in dealing with relevant local authorities in the United States, where the tragedy occurred,” – said in a statement.

    “We will continue to strive to provide access to Ukrainian officials the information they want. And although for the well-being of children the guardianship of the places and States where they live adopted children, the U.S. Department of State takes very seriously the welfare of all children, regardless of citizenship or country of origin “, – noted in the Embassy.

    Recall, 13-year-old foster child Andrew Arthur Butler, adopted in Ukraine, was shot in the head in the United States.

    Information about the child’s death was confirmed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

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  23. Ukraine adoptions in 2009 broke the record for both domestic and international adoption from Ukraine of previous years international adoption from Ukraine was made possible by international adoption families. Jan 27, 2010.

    Record number of Ukrainians adopted children began in 2009, said the Minister of family, youth and sports Yuriy Pavlenko.

    “This year (2009) confirmed the strong tendency of the annual increase in the number of children adopted by citizens of Ukraine”, – quotes the environment Minister’s press service informs.

    Referring to the data of Department for adoption and protection of children’s rights, Minami reports that in 2009 the citizens of Ukraine adopted 2381 of the child, which is about 1,000 children more than in 2005 and on 15% more in comparison with 2008.

    “This year confirmed a steady trend of annual increase of children adopted by citizens of Ukraine in domestic adoptions, which began to emerge in 2006, when the Ukraine adoption went to the competence The Ministry of Ukraine on Affairs of family, youth and sport, in its composition was created by the State Department for Ukraine adoption both domestic adoption programs and international adoption programs whereas public and legal concern is the protection of the rights of the child, and at the local level, issues of Ukraine adoption were transferred to service for children, ” said Minister of Ukraine on Affairs of family, youth and sports Yuriy Pavlenko.” For the time was made about a hundred of legislative acts aimed at reform the protection of children , the lion’s share of which was initiated and prepared by the team of the Ministry. This is obviously a record and on the quantitative and qualitative changes of the sphere,” said Yuri Pavlenko.

    The Ministry also noted that each year more children find a family through Ukraine adoption program and our country “ceases to be a donor for international adoption”.

    According to preliminary data, during 2009, foreigners adoptive parents and adoption families adopted 1426 Ukrainian children, which is 10% less than total international adoption programs back in 2008.

    Also, according to Minami, last year Ukrainians adopted 1712 children aged up to three years, foreign international adoption families adopted 313 children of the same age. About 800 adoption children aged 7 to 19 years, found their new adoptive families abroad.

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  24. Ukraine Rada (State Parliament of Ukraine) has ratified the European Convention on international adoption for Ukraine adoption process and acceptable practice towards both domestic adoptive parents and international adoption families wishing to adopt a child from Ukraine. The ratification dated back in February 15, 2011.

    The Ukraine adoption of the law No. 0191 on ratification of the Convention voted 288 deputies with the required minimum of 226.

    The International adoption Convention invites common in European Union principles of adoption and the mechanism of cooperation with the aim ensure Ukraine adoption with the best interests of the child and equally applied to both domestic adoptive parent and international adoption families.

    The document was prepared for the Council of Europe Convention on adoption of 1967.

    We will remind, in 2009 the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning law enforcement bodies yesterday has suggested to enter the moratorium on adoption of Ukrainian orphans by foreigners.

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  25. History of development of the legal system in Ukraine on Ukraine adoption both for domestic and international adoption programs has always been compared and evaluated with the standards of European Convention on the adoption of children in Ukraine and it was commonly believed that it will not work in Ukraine. The time has prove them wrong.

    About E. Levchenko stated in the framework of the expert survey DF the Gorshenin Institute on 17 February.

    “To ensure that the provisions of this Convention worked at the national level, it is necessary to amend existing legislation. We are constantly faced with the fact that, contrary to article 9 The Constitution, ratified international documents are not documents of direct action. References to such regulations in the Ukrainian courts will not be accepted. The Ratification Of The European the Convention on the adoption of children is strange, because the initiators of ratification with ratification document had to apply to changing the existing legislation. Between meanwhile, in Ukraine adoption same-sex marriages are not legitimation, respectively, are not able to adopt children. Thus, the Convention in Ukraine will not work”, – Ekaterina Levchenko.

    Help. On 16 February, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ratified the European Convention on the adoption of children. Some provisions of the document, in particular, the possibility of adoption of children by same-sex couples, contrary to current Ukrainian legislation.

    As previously reported IA “Most-Dnepr”, the leader of the public movement “Lada” Ekaterina Sazonova believes that same-sex families should not be adoptive parents in Ukraine adoption , because such parents would have a negative impact on children.

    The head of Subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada on European integration and Euroatlantic cooperation of the Committee on foreign Affairs Andrei Shkil stated that despite the ratification of international adoption conventions, in Ukraine the international adoption and domestic adoption of children to same-sex spouses is prohibited. Ukraine adoption will have its onw set of law governing the adoption process and practice for all adoption parents in both cases of national adoption and international adoptions.

    The head of the Center of the Orthodox Culture “ladder” Igor Sobko, same-sex marriage is the triumph of sin on earth. Such couples can be adoptive parents, because lead unnatural lives.

    The Chairman of the Committee on family matters, youth policy, sports and tourism of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Pavel Kostenko said that the ratification of the European Convention on international adoption of children does not the right to adoption by same-sex spouses in Ukraine adoption.

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