Children Adoption in Ukraine

The history of Ukraine adoption this is the rare example where the private initiative of the organization changed the system in the state. Children Adoption in Ukraine is one of the main initiatives and efforts in the fight against abandonment of children and most importantly give a family to a child instead of the boarding schools and orphanages.

I firmly believe that orphanages in Ukraine should not exist as a long term solution, every child should have a family and the only job of state orphanage should be to help find adoptive parents for the waiting children, who left with no parental care for whatever life’ reason.

The political will to help every child to find family and to abandon old system of Ukraine orphanages. The motto word for Ukraine adoption policy should be “Every child needs a family” and it shall become official state policy in the Ukraine adoption field. To take the best of international practice and policies, and to make it a working practice in Ukraine, to change Ukraine adoption policy in accordance to the best accepted standard in Europe and America, to live up to highest standards of what is best for the child, that we a country can do. And then each child in Ukraine will have a chance for a family, a chance for the future, a chance for the happiness. Lets at least try our best.

thanks to the Internet, Ukrainian information and news on Ukraine adoption through the blogs and news portal like Ukraine adoption gets out to news partners in all-Ukrainian public organization facilitating adoption in Ukraine. The war reveals all the problems and the number of children-orphans who deprived of parental care is growing. This applies to both the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and in the whole of Ukraine. For the first 9 months of 2015 have been adopted and taken into foster care 513 children (last year during the same period, were 760 children transferred to orphanages.

Ukraine started new mentoring project for children-orphans

Ukraine adoption program facilitates Ukrainians who wish to become mentors with orphanage children. In Ukraine started new mentoring project for children-orphans and children who deprived of parental care as Ukraine  states the status of children in custody of federal government family-type orphanages. Representatives of Service for children of Kiev and mentoring project “One Hope” – the first turn to participate in the project are selected teenagers who have no loved ones. Volunteers who are willing to become close friends for the orphans, undergo a rigorous selection and special training under the federal program of Ukraine adoption set forth for domestic adoptive parents and people considering the option of adopting children from orphanages.
“The goal of the project is the formation of the closest emotional relationships,by and between adoptive parents under domestic adoption parents and waiting children in Ukraine orphanages’ says a curator from the Service for children of Julia Udovenko. Similar program will be set forth for international adoptive families wishing to undergo similar type of program to have such opportunity to meet with waiting children in Ukraine adoption orphanages. – A mentor is a friend who will be with the child to enjoy his success, to which the child can turn to for help. A long-term project, it does not end at the exit of the child from the orphanage. If possible, the mentor should invite the child to my family, on weekends, on vacation. For starters, such outlets can be a caregiver from the orphanage or from the coordinator of our project”. Lean more on this programs and initiative set forth under Ukraine adoption project one child – one family.

Get the help where ever you can

If there is a will there is a way as the popular saying goes one children adoption service agency sent children from orphanages at the world hockey championship
Students of the Kyiv, Ukraine municipal orphanage №1, the Stationary-educational boarding school №26 and children from crisis families had the unique opportunity to visit the world hockey championship, held at the Ice arena SEC “Terminal” in Brovary (Kyiv region).
Trip for pupils of Kyiv boarding schools organized by the international charitable Foundation, reported on the official website of ICF.
According to the Director of the boarding school O. Pavlichenko, the attention of organizers and unforgettable emotions – this is the ultimate gift for the orphans. “Our pupils had no opportunities to attend such an event. Comfortable buses, which delivered the children to the championship and back to the hostel for a delicious dinner created an atmosphere of celebration,” said O. Pavlichenko. According to her, such events not only give children experience, but also stimulate their desire to play sports and get the joy of victory. Learn more on efforts made out to Ukraine adoption programs by international adoption agencies and associations. “To overestimate the emotional rise children it’s hard, I’m sure that this championship they will never forget,” said O. Pavlichenko.
Children from Kyiv city orphanage No. 1 told that the championship they liked, the game was fun and intense and they got unforgettable impressions. “To be honest, I’ve never had the opportunity to attend such an event. I am fond of hockey and because this event was for me a real treat. In addition, I enjoyed the trip, I even saw a real game professionals. I thank the Foundation for the opportunity to attend this celebration and the sea of positive emotions”, – said the pupil in a city shelter Alexander P.

How to adopt abandoned children in Ukraine ?

For past years of children adoption foundation in Ukraine has helped thousands children to find their adoptive parents and foster care. Two out of these three adopted children were adopted in Ukraine through domestic adoption program with Ukrainian parents. All these children are the lucky ones, they have found their adoptive families their fathers and mothers, their new families. They will grow in their new families and there be a lot of doors that will be opened before them. It will not be easy. But they already have and will have a choice. Something other children do not have.
The history of adoption in Ukraine – this is the rare example where the private initiative of the organization changed the system in the state. Ukraine Adoption is one of the main tools, and probably the most important method in the fight against children abandonment in Ukraine as well as in any other country that face the same problem of abandoned children like Ukraine adoption today. For other children who have not found their adoptive family the choice will be left between the boarding schools and orphanages.
There are many voice today that says that Ukraine should do away with this old system of orphanages in Ukraine, it is simply should not exist any more. Who would of say no ? Children should grow up in families, and good families, but do we actually have this alternatives? Perhaps orphanages of family type a new government initiatives will do help in solving the problem to a certain extent but it will not solve the problem to the point that entire boarding school system can be dismantled and forgotten as the thing of the past.
Here are some barriers?
First, the “residential” system of orphanage in Ukraine is new and not fully developed as the concept it is positive but it is still new. It works this way to prevent adoption of the children by adoptive parents in both domestic and/or international adoptions. The argument behind this statement is in the fact how these family type orphanage organized, they get their government financing as a boarding schools based on the number of orphaned children admitted in the school. Therefore, as the argument goes employees of these institution family-type orphanages are the first people who are not interested in adoption of their orphanage children.
Very often, children are being hidden from potential adoptive parents, who would take the child or children into their personal adoptive family, not the institution family type orphanage. It is also noted that these family-type orphanages attribute to a non-existent illness or mental disorder of the child to prevent these children to be adopted by adoptive parents, as a some sort of deterrent factor that will discourage adoptive parents from going any further to adopt these children, labeled with mental disease. But will these institution family-type orphanage any better for a child then adoptive family ? of course not. But bureaucracy still makes its way. Certainly these people and institutions are not govern by the best interest of the child.
Every good adoptive organization in Ukraine shall be able to verify these “disease” and tell the truth to adoptive parents, the true state of health of the adoptive child and with the help of authorised adoptive agencies to  overcome all of these obstacles and get these “institutional disease” treated immediately with the help of government legal assistance office. Ukraine policies towards abandoned children in orphanages are made clear for everyone and give priorities in the field of adoption, both domestic adoptions and international adoption. Ukraine adoption is the priority policy towards abandoned children in Ukraine.
The second problem, which systematically employs only the public initiative is the formation in Ukraine of the culture of adoption. Although over the last 10 years have seen fantastic mental shift in culture of adoption in Ukraine there is still much left to be done to develop better understanding and public receipt and public encouragement for adoption. Now adoption in Ukraine is no taboo subject for discussion, no shame, no big deal. But still it is not yet encouraged and public did not speak in favor of it openly. The process of public learning is still going on with much of a progress.
The third problem is the most difficult right now, it has been aggravated by the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine is a social orphanhood. This is when devastated economic fabric of society and deteriorating welfare state and medical care forcing parents to leave children because of socio-economic problems or because of severe diseases of child.
Ukraine adoption programs has all “prescriptions and drugs” in order to solve the problem of orphanhood and to permanently close the doors of children’s orphan homes.
Ukraine adoption federal program shall adopt only 4 steps:
1. The political will to close orphanages as the system for child care, with adoption programs in place to care for abandoned children
2. Motto “Every child needs a family” has already become official state policy of Ukraine in the adoption field
3. To take working adoption policies and practice in Ukraine to support both domestic adoption and international adoption of Ukraine children. To adopt the best of international practice and policy in the field of domestic and international adoptions.
4. Roll the sleeves and work
Then each of the presently abandoned child in Ukraine will have a chance for a new family, a chance for the future, a chance at happiness.
God Bless

Children of Donetsk were evacuated to foster families

In the Donetsk region situation with adoptive children were difficult to say at least the region hit by the war. War ruined many lives and affected all people living there and in Ukraine as a country no one left untouched by the war. War distracted all the attention – the state became less concerned with children and issues of children adoption in Ukraine, effort towards issues of children abandonment became neglected by officials in Kiev, because in the foreground there were other problems brought by the war. No, of course, we do not see a sharp decline in government help to help orphan children, but we don’t see any growth, which is a must in situation of war and it is very sad.
And this despite the fact that in previous years orphanages in Donetsk have achieved development of a systematic approach to the orphan hood in the country. We have focused on the prevention of this phenomenon as the primal cause of abandoned kids, government assistance to families in difficult situations did help to avoid may families from total collapse and therefore prevent children from being send to orphanage system, the preservation of the native family for every child was the goal in mind for every social welfare program introduced by the state, and our lead began to follow in other part of Ukraine in other orphanage system on both municipal and federal level of children programs. There were created two mother and child center model type service in Donetsk and Kiev, to help ease the program of orphanage in Ukraine and they helped to keep children in families who wanted to give up the baby to orphanage in Ukraine. There was an opened a support Center for families and children, which helps more than 1 thousand families to keep the family and their children in their families… But war has put a stop on further program progress and the present efforts and expense from the government is not enough. Therefore in our opinion the help to children today may come from adoptive parents both national and international adoption programs and adoptive families. Ukraine adoption is a one single program that may give the most amount of help to all orphanage in Ukraine. Ukraine adoption international assistance to adoptive parents the one requires least amount of government support, and except of regulation free government effort of helping abandoned kids in Ukraine orphanages. Ukraine adoption domestic program expected to be the most effective solution to deal with abandoned children in Ukraine but requires substantial government assistance programs to the Ukraine domestic adoptive families who will adopted children from orphanages in Ukraine.
We all should remember that behind mere listing of achievements there are all of us, Ukraine children in orphanages and in adoptive families, there are lives and stories , there are our Ukraine history. Stories of those who did not get into a boarding school because he already had a home, and every home with children is a valuable and must be cherished.
But now in Donetsk everything stopped. Our first priority was the salvation of men who fight in war. Children of Donetsk were evacuated to foster families and family-type orphanages away from the war zone, but for how long the war shall continues , nobody knows … for now in matters of child abandonment, its overcoming and prevention in the country everything has practically stopped…

In Ukraine estimated over 98 thousand orphans

In Ukraine state and foster care estimated over 98 thousand orphans and children deprived of care
The Ukraine presidential Commissioner for children’s rights Yuriy Pavlenko said that in Ukraine there are over 98 thousand children-orphans and children deprived of parental care.
He said this at a press conference.
“As of this year, children-orphans and children deprived of parental care in Ukraine 98.000 children. Since 2008, the number of orphans and children deprived of parental care in Ukraine are declining”, – said Pavlenko.
He noted that the highest peak of this index was in 2007, when in Ukraine there were 103 thousand children in these categories.
Children’s Ombudsman of Ukraine reported that of 98 thousand 63 thousand children are brought up under state custody, that is, in the families of relatives and friends, and 9,5 thousand children are brought up in foster homes and orphanages of family type.
“However, more than 16 thousand children are now in boarding schools, 28 thousand children are in the national database for adoption, for domestic adoption and international adoption i.e. 28 thousand of children are waiting for adoption today in Ukraine,” – said Pavlenko.
According to him, of these 28 thousand age more than 6 years have 26 thousand children.
“You can say that in Ukraine adoption almost every child under 3 years of age is adopted immediately, but there is a big problem in Ukraine with adoption of children older than 6 years”, – said Pavlenko.
He added that there had been growth in the number of children older than 6 years who are adopted in Ukraine, however, in 2011, only 19 children older than 6 years were adopted domestically.
Pavlenko stressed that not every child having the status of orphan or child deprived of parental care, according to Ukraine legislation, therefore not everyone in orphanage can be adopted.
According to Pavlenko, only about a third of these children can be adopted according to the current adoption law in Ukraine, and their cases can be put through domestic adoption or and international adoption process   and in cases other children there are circumstances that do not permit for the adoption process to be started.
He explained that, according to the Ukraine adoption legislation, there are circumstances that makes it impossible to make a decision about the adoption of a child for both domestic adoption nor international adoptions.
In addition, he said that since the beginning of 2011 about 10 thousand children have been orphaned or deprived of parental care, of which more than 3 thousand were placed with residential institution as the new form of Ukraine adoption domestically.
Pavlenko also said that in 2010-2011 there was reducing the number of children, who were are adopted by Ukrainian citizens through domestic adoption, number of foreign adoptive families on a contrary is on the rise through the process of international adoption in Ukraine.
We shall remind everyone that, previous Prime Minister Mykola Azarov considers the care of children left without parental care, the priority of state policy.

Cinderella : The poor girl is an orphan: The Transition

We tend to talk about the character shoes as signs and determine the fate of a person. So be understandable wedding ceremonies, associated with enough new shoes: bridesmaid shoes stolen by guests, and the groom redeems them; the groom is able to drink from a champagne bridesmaid shoes (and a sign of to, but also of saturation with life of his lady). Understandable concerns about the right place carry: forbidden to put shoes on the table (in the England of the past centuries this meant to be a wish to be hanged) and deliberately turn it on (in Turkey it would be an act of magic damage). And natural girls rites of divination through shoes about the future of marriage, described by V. A. Zhukovsky.

Shoes as gifts or as hand-created object for us in the fairy tale folklore is the form of the new destiny of a hero. Women’s shoes (or boots) are essential in such famous and memorable tales as “Cinderella” by Perrault, “Red shoes” in the version by Hans Christian Andersen, “the little match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen, “Worn out shoes” by the brothers Grimm. In this article we will examine fairy tales “Cinderella” and “the Red shoes”, combined in an amazing way, through narrative motifs.

The motherless girl becomes a maid in the home of his stepmother and her daughters. To her, however, is her fairy godmother, glass Slippers gives and sends to the ball, with the condition that the latter will stop its dance until midnight. On the last day of the festivities Cinderella flees, losing her slipper, which the Prince finds her. All ends with a wedding.
Commonly, this tale is interpreted as a good perfectionist scenario achieving the objectives; how the plot of a good marriage, as the embodiment rewarded hard work and diligence.

Red shoes
Remaining a lonely orphan named Karen finds shelter with an old woman who throws away her old shoes, and instead of buying new. The old lady denies the girl the ability to show off the new shoes at Church, but she is cheating on her, and still wears them. She meets a soldier, who initiates the beginning of her endless dance in those red shoes that she can’t even remove. Can’t stop, girl loses life force and asks the executioner to chop off her legs. The rest of his life she spends a cripple in the service of others.

This tale is much more dangerous and less popular than the previous one, but her character looks antiheroine story of Cinderella, as if passing the same test, but different and wrong way. K. P. Estes, one of the few that treats this tale, assuming it was a warning from the dangerous pitfalls of the pseudo-saturation feral, starving women: opportunism, loss of a sense of proportion, the inability to stop. And we agree with this vision of the meaning of this tale. At the same time, we found it interesting to find her a new meaning in comparison with the fairy – tale counterpart, “Cinderella”.

The poor girl is an orphan: the transition
Character of both stories is a girl, obviously the marriage or premarital age, girl. She was left without a mother or have lost both parents. Such an approach tells us about the stages of initiation, which metaphor will be shown in the story. It can be typical for traditional societies to social, marital initiation of girls, which consists in choosing a partner.

Intrapsychic considered in the key, it is the stage of development of maturity of Ego, its separation from the “parent entities” and the independent decisions and actions. It is in adolescence before modern man, whether boy or girl, be challenged to build confidence in the philosophical picture of the world; empowerment; proactive initiatives; formulation of distant life goals and assume responsibility for their actions. Moreover, the process of identity formation depends on the implementation of these tasks.

Coming to us at a more Mature age, this tale once again will remind of independent step, a new worldview formation and life goals.