Mother escaped through the window

22-year-old mother escaped through the window of the hospital after a couple of hours after giving birth

this is not a typical story of how children gets abandoned in Ukraine but rather one of the many: on 13 January in a maternity hospital in Mariupol 22-year-old mother after a couple of hours after childbirth tied sheets together and climbed down them from the second floor of the hospital. The child remained in the care of physicians.

Arrived in the ward, doctors saw only the open window and the sheets that a young mother was used instead of rope for the descent. In the hospital claim that information about himself and the father gave the mother miserable, so finding her will be difficult.

The police claim that the woman in addition to newborn baby boy has two more children (girls). One daughter lives with her father, and for the second child the woman is deprived of parental rights.

– Woman looking for. With a toddler everything is good, he is in the hospital now and will be transferred to young children orphanage in Ukraine later said, in a press-service of police of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

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