Ukraine Church against the ban on abortion

Ukraine Church Metropolit Volodymyr against the ban on abortion
Metropolit Volodymyr spoke against the ban of abortions at the legislative level, adding that they need to fight “word and heart”.
Such opinion the head of the UOC of the Russian Patriarchate Church in Ukraine said on the air.
In particular, answering the question as it relates to the initiative to at the legislative level, the termination of pregnancy, Metropolit stated that the Church categorically “denies the possibility of abortion”, including their sin of murder.
“Regarding religious understanding – this murder, which terminates the life of a particular person,” he said.
“But there is another point of view. It is hardly necessary abortions to preach. We must fight against them, and this fight goes on,” said the Metropolit.
In his opinion, banning abortion will not bring the desired results. “It is better with no prohibitive law”.
Ukraine MP Shkil who proposed ban on abortion in Ukraine believes that to conduct such operations only if pregnant suffering from tuberculosis, diabetes, serious diseases of the lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, cardiovascular diseases and cancer or other medical reasons as well as the life threat disease to a child.

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