The project is intended to be interactive with adoptive parents

In the framework of a new social projects that have started in Ukraine, project organizer will introduce potential adoptive parents and interested in becoming one citizen with the real stories of adoptive waiting children who are in orphanages of Ukraine right now. The project is intended to be interactive where adoptive parents and compassionate people can help these children, as foster parents, potential adoptive parents or just as the friends of children citizens by taking part in the mentoring program. The fate of these children can change for the better with your help – in any case, and opportunity to track children success in the future.
Ukraine adoption initiative take a creative role to bring to the public attention the awareness of the problem of abandoned children in Ukraine and to create the environment for the better understanding of the need to bring this equal opportunity to each and every one child in Ukraine through adoption or foster care or at least public support and awareness of lives of these children in Ukraine orphanage, their daily difficulties and life obstacles, children who needs help from compassionate people. Children who needs adoption into domestic or international adoptive families or foster parents to better their lives and life opportunities.
In Kiev opened an exhibition devoted to problems of upbringing of children in orphanages. In the art gallery will show 8 art objects by Ukrainian artists, United by one theme, also in the gallery in Kiev, launched the exhibition-presentation of socio-cultural project “Open doors for children”. “We have a chance to realize the need for radical change to ensure equal rights for all children and provide an opportunity to grow in an environment of love and care,” said organizers in a release event. The project organized by the organization “Hope and homes”.
According to organizers, the project aims to emphasize the fact that the European integration is impossible without changes in every sphere of life, and especially in the lives of children who live in orphanages without the opportunity to exercise their rights in society.
The project involved artists and photographers, who provided eight of the art facilities. The first one is located at the entrance to the gallery. It is the cradle from 7 balloons, which symbolize the hope that the system would be destroyed.
Renowned photographer and documentary filmmaker Alexander Glyadelov is a social photo project “become as little children” – series of works of children from orphanages to family-type homes.
The painter Anton Logov has created an installation of mirrors, “a Long journey”. On the mirror written dreams and thoughts of children living in orphanages, which provide an opportunity to see how the lives of these children and to see myself in the mirror, to reflect on their own participation in the solution of this problem.
The work of Alexandra Gomeloboi is an example of how different children develop in the family and in the orphanage.
Yuriy Kruchak at the exposition will present the documentary project “Free wing”. The artist, visiting orphanages, taught children to create a flying machine – a glider – as a symbol of dreams that can be launched into the sky. The exhibition presents the works of these children, as well as videos about their lives.
Alina Pivnenko is a series of three portraits of famous people who were adopted, among them: the founder of Apple Steve Jobs, scientist-cosmologist Stephen Hawking and actor Pablo Pineda. Portraits-collages were created with fabric and glossy paper.
Completes project work Catherine Buchach. “Not rooted” are the plants in the water, in a sterile environment and with the perfect light, but without the land in which they could germinate. Through plants, the author shows families that cannot take root without children.

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