Ukraine started new mentoring project for children-orphans

Ukraine adoption program facilitates Ukrainians who wish to become mentors with orphanage children. In Ukraine started new mentoring project for children-orphans and children who deprived of parental care as Ukraine  states the status of children in custody of federal government family-type orphanages. Representatives of Service for children of Kiev and mentoring project “One Hope” – the first turn to participate in the project are selected teenagers who have no loved ones. Volunteers who are willing to become close friends for the orphans, undergo a rigorous selection and special training under the federal program of Ukraine adoption set forth for domestic adoptive parents and people considering the option of adopting children from orphanages.
“The goal of the project is the formation of the closest emotional relationships,by and between adoptive parents under domestic adoption parents and waiting children in Ukraine orphanages’ says a curator from the Service for children of Julia Udovenko. Similar program will be set forth for international adoptive families wishing to undergo similar type of program to have such opportunity to meet with waiting children in Ukraine adoption orphanages. – A mentor is a friend who will be with the child to enjoy his success, to which the child can turn to for help. A long-term project, it does not end at the exit of the child from the orphanage. If possible, the mentor should invite the child to my family, on weekends, on vacation. For starters, such outlets can be a caregiver from the orphanage or from the coordinator of our project”. Lean more on this programs and initiative set forth under Ukraine adoption project one child – one family.

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