Adoption policies were in favor of domestic adoption in Ukraine

In the previous policies of Ukraine on children adoption programs under previous president of Ukraine Yanukovych national adoption programs were set in favor of Ukraine domestic adoption “Ukrainian orphans should be adopted Ukrainians” rather then international adoption programs, today under a new government Ukraine national policy focus on results of bring together adoptive families and waiting children together regardless of origin of adoptive parents national Ukrainian adoptive parents of international adoptive parents, the focus remain clear, every child should be place with adoptive parents.
The previous president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych should be credited with much of the positive changes that was made under his governance, he called for an improvement of the responsible authorities in Ukraine adoption field, but policies were in favor of domestic adoption of Ukraine children -orphans to be adopted by citizens of Ukraine.
He told about it during all-Ukrainian meeting on child rights, and what priorities should be for Ukraine adoption authorities, here is some of his statement to the press service of the President.
“We need to make sure every child deprived of parental care, regardless of age and health was adopted by citizens of Ukraine and stayed in the Homeland,” he said.
The head of state stressed that Ukraine should be improved the system of informing of citizens about the possibilities of adoption.
“We need to improve, to overcome stereotypes in such a delicate area of adoption, better inform citizens, to more effectively involve media,” – said Yanukovych.
The President noted that in the last 2 years the number of children adopted by citizens of Ukraine is constantly decreasing.
Yanukovych stressed that at least in the media and there are calls to adopt children, but information about the children themselves are hard to find.
“From screens of TVs and pages of Newspapers are continually urging people to take the orphaned child into their family, but information about what children may be adopted to find very difficult,” said President.
According to him, the responsible authorities should effectively attract the media to their information campaigns.

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