Children of Donetsk were evacuated to foster families

In the Donetsk region situation with adoptive children were difficult to say at least the region hit by the war. War ruined many lives and affected all people living there and in Ukraine as a country no one left untouched by the war. War distracted all the attention – the state became less concerned with children and issues of children adoption in Ukraine, effort towards issues of children abandonment became neglected by officials in Kiev, because in the foreground there were other problems brought by the war. No, of course, we do not see a sharp decline in government help to help orphan children, but we don’t see any growth, which is a must in situation of war and it is very sad.
And this despite the fact that in previous years orphanages in Donetsk have achieved development of a systematic approach to the orphan hood in the country. We have focused on the prevention of this phenomenon as the primal cause of abandoned kids, government assistance to families in difficult situations did help to avoid may families from total collapse and therefore prevent children from being send to orphanage system, the preservation of the native family for every child was the goal in mind for every social welfare program introduced by the state, and our lead began to follow in other part of Ukraine in other orphanage system on both municipal and federal level of children programs. There were created two mother and child center model type service in Donetsk and Kiev, to help ease the program of orphanage in Ukraine and they helped to keep children in families who wanted to give up the baby to orphanage in Ukraine. There was an opened a support Center for families and children, which helps more than 1 thousand families to keep the family and their children in their families… But war has put a stop on further program progress and the present efforts and expense from the government is not enough. Therefore in our opinion the help to children today may come from adoptive parents both national and international adoption programs and adoptive families. Ukraine adoption is a one single program that may give the most amount of help to all orphanage in Ukraine. Ukraine adoption international assistance to adoptive parents the one requires least amount of government support, and except of regulation free government effort of helping abandoned kids in Ukraine orphanages. Ukraine adoption domestic program expected to be the most effective solution to deal with abandoned children in Ukraine but requires substantial government assistance programs to the Ukraine domestic adoptive families who will adopted children from orphanages in Ukraine.
We all should remember that behind mere listing of achievements there are all of us, Ukraine children in orphanages and in adoptive families, there are lives and stories , there are our Ukraine history. Stories of those who did not get into a boarding school because he already had a home, and every home with children is a valuable and must be cherished.
But now in Donetsk everything stopped. Our first priority was the salvation of men who fight in war. Children of Donetsk were evacuated to foster families and family-type orphanages away from the war zone, but for how long the war shall continues , nobody knows … for now in matters of child abandonment, its overcoming and prevention in the country everything has practically stopped…

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