Yanukovych thankful for adopted children

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has called on Ukrainians that are considering adoption of a child, do not doubt, please do adopt.
This is stated in the address of the President to the Ukrainian people on the occasion of the Day of Ukraine adoption.
“I appeal to those Ukrainians who are thinking over adopting a child. Do not hesitate, do this step, because there is nothing finer in the world than joyous laughter and happy eyes of the child”, – the statement says.
In Ukraine adoption  every year increases the number of people who want to adopt a child in Ukraine. Only in 2009 there were adopted more than 2 thousand children in Ukraine.
Yanukovych expressed gratitude to every Ukrainian family who have adopted a Ukrainian child.
“Words of respect to those who were not afraid of difficulties and today is raising several adopted children, even sick Ukrainian children. Grateful also for foster parents in Ukraine, my gradytude goes to caregivers of children’s homes of family type, doctors, teachers, social workers, anyone and everyone who helps children find their family, helps Ukraine adoptions, who gives support and encouragement to both adoptive children and adoptive families, who gives them faith and hope for a better future”, – said in the appeal.

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