Ukraine may join the European network of children’s ombudsmen

Pavlenko plans to strengthen the protection of children’s rights in Ukraine.
Ukraine is ready to implement the recommendations for membership of the European network of ombuds persons for the rights of the child (ENOC), which unites 27 countries.
This was stated by Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for children’s rights Yuriy Pavlenko during a meeting with the Commissioner for children’s rights of Poland, Chairman of ENOC Marek Michalak, reported in a press-service of the head of state. The new policies will affect Ukraine adoption programs, adoption process in respect to the domestic adoption and adoption practice in relevance to the international adoption with respect to international adoptive parents and foreign families wishing to adopt a child or chilkdren from Ukraine.
“We believe it is extremely important for Ukraine’s membership in the European network of children’s ombudsmen. Therefore, we prepared step by step to implement the suggestions that will come from ENOC in order to gradually acquire the membership”, – said Commissioner on children right in Ukraine.
Speaking about his activities in the position of Commissioner for children’s rights, Yuriy Pavlenko noted that for 9 months of work followed by a General analysis of the situation in the state for the protection of children’s rights, including without limitation international adoption policies towards international adoptive parents and families wishing to adopt children from Ukraine, as well as sociological research, in which for the first time in the history of Ukraine will reflect the thought of the child. In addition, carried out monitoring and analysis of action of institutions in relation to the child, reviewed more than 1,500 citizens, almost half of which children’s rights have been restored, initiated the prosecution of guilty officials.
“The results drafted and submitted proposals for amendments to the legislation in protecting the rights of children in Ukraine”, – said Commissioner.
Regarding the organization of work for the protection of children’s rights in Ukraine Chairman of the European network of ombuds persons for children’s rights Marek Michalak noted that for efficient operation it is necessary to introduce the European model of the Ombudsman is competent and independent, which has certain immunities during operation in Ukraine, legislative support for its activities from Ukraine Government and officials across across political and administrative bodies of Ukraine, the right of legislative initiative and independent budget to successfully function in Ukraine.
Also, according to M. Michalak, it is important that the Commissioner have the right to monitor the realization of programs of children’s rights in other institutions and mechanisms of punishment in case of their violation. Special attention was drawn to the need for the development of the office of Ombudsman for children in Ukraine, because under his care shall be about 8 million Ukrainians minors.
The great number of other related question shall be promoted to public attention in Ukraine through the use and efforts of the new office. Question of Ukraine adoption were not left aside but rather required a focus and coordination to create and develop comprehensive and internationally compliant adoption program in Ukraine which will adequately address the issues and answers all the questions in both international adoption from Ukraine by international adoption parents and internationally qualified adoptive families who wish to adopt a child from Ukraine, but equally responsive to all issues and questions arising from programs of domestic adoptions in Ukraine by Ukrainian citizen. All question on Ukraine adoption programs will be discussed publicly and shall be brought up for discussion by international expert in these domain.
During the meeting the sides agreed to exchange experience between Ukrainian and Polish specialists and the organization of internships in the office of the Polish children’s Ombudsman.
Earlier it was reported that the UN welcomes the establishment in Ukraine of the office of Ombudsman for children.

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