Ukraine has the chance of a population explosion

More than half of young Ukrainians want to have more than one child.
This was told by Vadim Denisenko, chief editor of the weekly “Komentari” during the presentation of the results of sociological survey “Youth of Ukraine”.
The study was conducted by the Gorshenin Institute and the weekly “Komentari” with the support of Victor Pylypyshyn Fund.
“We have a chance to get out of demographic crisis, a great chance. According to our study, more than 68% of respondents said they want to have two or more children. To the question “How many children you want to have?” was almost 16% reported one child, but of 68.3% two, 14% three, and almost 2% – four and more. Trend is — in theory — is very optimistic,” – said Denisenko.
According to him, family is a priority for today’s youth. 75% girls and 64.3%. answering the question “What is important to you — family or career?”, chose family.

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