Pavlenko reminded Ukrainian children about their rights

Authorized on the rights of the child on the occasion of September 1, wrote the children a letter.
The presidential Commissioner for the rights of the child in Ukraine, on the occasion of 1 September first day of school, appealed to Ukrainian children with an open letter.
Commissioner has reminded young Ukrainians that the summer holidays are over and the new school year started. “I want to emphasize, dear children, that the school is not only lessons and homework. This is an opportunity to discover and develop your personal skills, share knowledge, be helpful to classmates, to know friends in fellowship and mutual support.
Emphasize that the right to education in Ukraine – it’s your inalienable right guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and the UN Convention on the rights of the child in Ukraine.” Commissioner on the personal rights of the child in Ukraine also noted that it is important for children know and understand their rights. “It is a guarantee of your confidence in your abilities and a decent future. You are required to learn and to know and be able to enjoy your rights and freedom as Ukrainian citizen.”
“Dear children! You have the right to be heard and always heard on all questions in all situations and decisions that concern you. Your opinion should be considered by adults and your teachers.
Any violence against you is prohibited. The state guarantees protection from physical and psychological violence, insults and abuse, neglect, ill-treatment, all forms of exploitation by parents, guardians, teachers, or any other person. Remember this.
You have the right in Ukraine stated by Constitution to protection from discrimination. No one has the right to humiliate or despise you for social origin (i.e., from what family or environment your origin), nationality, religion or state of health.
Although, remember that your parents or guardians responsible for your development and life. In your best interest they care about you, so you must listen to them and respect their will,” reads the letter.
Commissioner told the children to turn to him in case of any problem and provided my contact information, including mailing and email address, the page in social network Facebook, and wished Ukrainian children, “a successful year, do not worry about failure, joy and have a new achievements to share with parents, friends and teachers who are your first helpers in training.”

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