During the conflict in the Donbas has killed at least 65 children

According to estimates of the Ukrainian authorities, an additional 127 children were injured.

The presidential Commissioner for children’s rights Mykola Kuleba has said that according to official data, during the conflict in the Donbass killed at least 65 children, and another 127 were injured.

“Official statistics of the Ukrainian government today is 127 children have been injured in this conflict, it is confirmed by specific documents. Just yesterday during the rally were injured two 15-year-old, one of whom is in very serious condition… the deaths are also very difficult to say the exact number, but according to our calculations is already more than 65 children who were killed”, – he said at a briefing.

However Kuleba emphasized that accurate data on the number of dead and wounded children lead difficult. So, the UN provides data on the 159 wounded children.

It should be noted that the official data of the Ukrainian authorities is comparable with the data that manifests the UN with reference to medical facilities (including those located in uncontrolled Ukraine area). So, according to the UN, on February 12 were killed including 63 children, 159 children were injured.

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