Ukraine in 2009 broke the record for children adoption in comparison to previous years

Record number of Ukrainians adopted children began in 2009, said the Minister of family, youth and sports Yuriy Pavlenko.
“This year (2009) confirmed the strong tendency of the annual increase in the number of children adopted by citizens of Ukraine”, – quotes the environment Minister’s press service informs.
Referring to the data of Department for children adoption and protection of children’s rights, Minami reports that in 2009 the citizens of Ukraine adopted 2381 of the child, which is about 1,000 children more than in 2005 and on 15% more in comparison with 2008.
“This year confirmed a steady trend of annual increase of children adopted by citizens of Ukraine, through domestic adoptions, which began to emerge in 2006, when the adoption went to the competence The Ministry of Ukraine on Affairs of family, youth and sport, in its composition was created by the State Department for adoption and protection of the rights of the child, and at the local level, issues of adoption were transferred to service for children, ” said Minister of Ukraine on Affairs of family, youth and sports Yuriy Pavlenko.” For the time was made about a hundred of legislative acts aimed at reform the protection of children in both domestic and international adoption practices , the lion’s share of
Ukraine adoption was initiated and prepared by the team of the Ministry. This is obviously a record and on the quantitative and qualitative changes of the sphere,” said Yuri Pavlenko.
The Ministry also noted that each year more children find a family in Ukraine through domestic Ukraine adoption and our country “ceases to be a donor for international adoption”.
According to preliminary data, during 2009, foreign adoptive parents have adopted 1426 Ukrainian children, and is 10% less than in 2008.
Also, according to Minami, last year Ukrainians adopted 1.712 children aged up to three years, while foreign adoption families have adopted 313 children of the same age. About 800 children aged 7 to 19 years, found their new adoptive families abroad.

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