Ukraine has increased the deadline for applications to adopt children

The Ministry of social policy of Ukraine has extended the deadlines for receiving applications for adoption of Ukrainian children by foreign citizens, by making changes in the appropriate Order and conditions of reception of citizens, informs “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“According to the order of the Ministry of social policy No. 751, dated 3 December 2012, from now on, the applicants, the Ministry will carry out in the period from the third Monday of January (before the first Monday of February) by 31 March, and from the second Monday of October to 10 December (before November 30)”, – stated in the message.

The rest of the time, according to “Interfax-Ukraine” remain unchanged.

“(Requests are accepted) from the second Monday of April to the 30th of June and from the second Monday of July to the 30th of September,” the Agency said.

Recall Ukraine Adoption following Russia may introduce a ban on adoptions of orphans by citizens of other countries. This will be possible, if “Freedom” will begin to implement the promised “Program of protection of Ukrainians”.

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