How to adopt a child from Ukraine, in Odessa city?

How to adopt a child in Odessa? The statistics show that the problem of abandoned children in Odessa is one of the priorities. Is “the future of the country”, “flowers of life”, “happiness of parents” – it is just beautiful words? Only in orphanages in Odessa are 268 children in need of adoption. This very young children (up to age 4) houses, two children, and orphanages “Zhemchuzhinka” (4 to 12 years) and a boarding school №5 (of 7 to 17 years old). As the head of the child forms State and family Council of the City of Odessa Lyudmila Yakimenko, last year parents “found” only 84 children, 58 of whom have adopted our countrymen, and at 26 became the parents of children by foreigners.
Can I adopt a child?
Everyone understands that we desire is sometimes not enough. In the case of adoption, this is all so …
Who can adopt a child?
He has the right to adopt
It does not have the right to adopt
Able person not under the age of twenty and one years
A person restricted in exercise capacity or disable
A man or a woman, not to abuse alcohol, to be valid, with a good income
The parents deprived of their parental rights, if these rights have not been restored
Heterosexual Couple, single person (the relevant decision of the Court)
A person who was an earlier adopter, guardian of another child, but adoption was revoked or declared invalid by reason of any fault of his
The couple without children
Person who is registered or in the treatment in the clinical or mental treatment of the drug
The parents of the child
People suffering from diseases, the list of which is approved by the ministry of Health of Ukraine
Foreigners who are not married, except when a foreigner is a parent of the child
In addition to the desire of prospective parents for adoption, of course, require the consent of the child, except for How to adopt a child in Odessa? in cases where the age or state of health, he can express his opinion. You must also consent to the guardian, trustee or boarding for adoption. The court will make a positive decision about the adoption of not taking into account the state of health of the adopter, the circumstances and the reasons for the adoption of financial and family and the time during which you have already taken care of the child. Just be aware of the fact that the court does not have the right to refuse the adoption if the parents already have children.
What documents are needed for adoption?
To register prospective adoptive parents must provide a service for children of Odessa city Council:
copies of passports of the applicants;
certificate of salary for the last six months or copy of income tax return for the previous calendar year, certified by tax authorities;
a copy of the marriage certificate if the applicant is married;
Finally, the state of health of each candidate in the prescribed form;
notaralno written consent certified for the adoption of the spouse, if the child usynavlivaetsya one of the spouses;
Information on the presence or absence of previous conviction for each applicant, issued by the ministry of Internal affairs of Ukraine in the Odessa region to the address: city Odessa, Zhukovskogo street, house 42;
copy of the document which confirms the ownership or use of the premises.
In order to obtain an opinion on the health service for children directs citizens who wish to How to adopt a child in Odessa? child usinovit, to the following addresses:
– KU “City psychiatric clinic”, the first Rozumovsky Lane, Building 4.
The hospital of the tuberculosis of Odessa, the street Belinsky, 9;
The skin and venereal diseases city of Odessa Clinic Lane swimwear (Faith Inber), 6;
Odessa oblasnoy Drug Dispensary, rue J. Breus, the house 26/2.
Within 10 business days of the receipt of the request for the citizens of Ukraine wish to adopt a child, and a package of documents, the agents inspect the living conditions of the residence of the applicants, shall constitute the act of and consider the possibility of the candidates to be adoptive parents.
Steps of the adoption

I hope everyone understands all the responsibility of such an approach. To begin, a person must realize that he is in need is a child – not a toy or an animal, but a living person – the director of the fund Medyanik -. First, we give complete information on children awaiting adoption. The prospective parents begin to see their children, buy gifts, the things that are necessary and communicate with them. Child, grosso modo, is “to go to the eye.” After this, you must communicate with the child outside of the guardianship authority – the take a day or two at home, so that he gradually mastered, accustomed to. And parents need to assess their capacities and their desire to adopt a boy or a girl.
According to the members of the foundation, parents should read the information on the documents necessary for adoption and, if necessary, seek the assistance of a lawyer. Only after all the formalities are beginning the adoption process, which can drag on for several months. However, as evidenced by the practice, many people fail at this stage. When a person is confronted to all the problems, I understand that the child’s great – does not happen.
The last step is the psychological help to the parents. Little by little, the initial euphoria passes, and “fall rose-colored glasses.” In addition, the adoptive parents, in most cases, do not have their children and simply do not know how to handle a child, especially if you take a teenager.
– If I raise their child, it is part of me, I know where he is cunning. I see How to adopt a child in Odessa? the facial expressions, the gestures, even on foot! If you don’t understand because the child can tell a story too, – said Roman Medyanik. It is, for example, you might say, “You are a bad mother! Now, if there was another mother, she would have liked to … me
Imagine that to hear such words adoptive parents. Of course, there is a moment of rejection, a host family is the depression! And then, it will certainly be in need of psychological support – only one of which is difficult to handle. This step – very difficult.
However, all good things, sooner or later, bear fruit. According to a member of the Fund, his cousin, once helped four of 16 years, the children of the orphanage, who acted at the time in college. While the man was already seven children, but it has taken over four of the orphanage and treat them as their own, helping them both in words and in deeds. However, these children have created a family and maintain the closest relationship and family truly with the person that helped them find themselves in life.
What are afraid of the adoptive parents?
Taking the family of the child, the parents are guided by feelings, and intentions are the most kind. However, the fears stereotyped imposed by public opinion, can seriously How to adopt a child in Odessa? shake the confidence of the adopter. Do I have to do? Why should I wait? What to do if? What to do if? A lot of questions haunt the parents-to-be. Try to answer the most frequent.
1. W hat to do if a child has poor genetics?
Strictly speaking, the heredity – this potential. The extent to which this potential, both positive and negative, is implemented to a greater extent depends on the family in which the child grows. Not to explain all the bad heredity!
2. Suddenly, the child will grow up stupid, lazy, and don’t want to learn?
All, again, depends on you. You need to create a home “environment development” often speak to the child, in order to support its initiatives, and will treat the job as a fascinating process, and not as a “obyazalovke.”
3. What to do if the baby is going to fly? It is the orphanage!
Children from orphanages often do not have their things, so do not always understand that which is “foreign”. How to adopt a child in Odessa? around, were commonplace, to take without permission – does not mean “steal”. In addition to the small man obtains information only on us, the adults, and when parents tell him that he is a thief, the way it is. No need to hang labels, which are sometimes “work” such as hypnosis social.

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