Happiness is an opportunity of fulfilling desires

Tracing the etymology of the word “happiness”, you will notice a pattern. The Greek word “Eudaimonia” (= happiness) is composed of two words eu (good) and daimon (deity), i.e. literally meant that the destiny of man is under the protection of the gods.
In Rome, the word “happiness” meant the name of the goddess Fortuna. The word “Fortuna” had two meanings – luck and fate. The goddess was depicted with the cornucopia, wheel and a steering oar. That is, she embodied divine grace, which can be given only to the worthy. So the perception of happiness as a category in the Roman Empire was purely practical. It was welfare, the possibility of fulfilling desires, etc.
For the lower strata of society often happiness meant esteticheskoe the unity of the gods, which can grant a better life. Later this attitude is fortunately reflected in the Christian doctrine.
In Russian, the word “happiness” also has several meanings:
1) fate, destiny, lot, share; i.e. to be happy at first was understood as “to be under the mercy of higher powers”,
2) a coincidence, a welcome surprise, success in business, i.e. to be happy, can also mean that a person can be a participant in your own destiny provided for the post by International Adoption research blogger and columnist.
But there is also third option: happiness – prosperity, welfare, peace and contentment; a life without cares and worries – this is a more down-to-earth option, something like “happiness for the poor.”
“Luck” in Russian has several meanings – it is the success case, suddenly successful outcome, as well as the sudden happiness, though the early meaning of the word was obedience, pliability destiny see more at International Adoption channel news. That is, in the Russian language the words “luck” and “happiness” over time become synonymous and mean about the same as before – being under the patronage of some higher power. But, how many people, so many opinions, so you can select some of the most common views on happiness.

4 thoughts on “Happiness is an opportunity of fulfilling desires

  1. There is a definition of happiness as “moral consciousness, which refers to the human condition, which corresponds to the greatest inner satisfaction with the conditions of its existence, completeness and meaningfulness of life, to implement its human destination. As the dream, happiness is sensual-emotional ideal form, but unlike it means not the striving of the individual, and execution of these aspirations. The concept of happiness is not just characterizes certain specific position or subjective state of the person but also expresses the idea of what should be all life that is bliss. Depending on how interpreted the purpose and meaning of human life, and is content with happiness. So this concept is still normative and value nature.” (The dictionary on ethics. Ed. by I. S. Kon., 1975. – S. 303).

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  2. Listing various people’s opinions about happiness, we can say that for most people happiness is something visual and obvious: the luck, the pleasure, honor, wealth, etc. “Happiness, we say, is the same thing that the well-being and the good life”. (Aristotle. Vol. in 4 vols. Vol. 4. – M., 1984. – S. 302). Therefore, “the question of happiness is not just a question of how to be lucky, happy or even virtuous, but above all, what is a good happy life and what man ought to strive in the first place.” (Guseinov A. A., Apresyan R. G. Ethics. – M., 1998. – S. 295).

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  3. The understanding of the essence of the consciousness of happiness not only prevents the complexity of the phenomenon of human spiritual life, but also the fact that the word “happiness” is used in everyday life in various ways. The concept of happiness for each person individually. “One happiness seems to be virtue, to others prudence, the third – known wisdom, but otherwise it all together or something one in connection with pleasure or not without pleasure, there are those that include the concept of external happiness and welfare”.(Aristotle. Vol. in 4 vols. Vol. 4. – M., 1984. – P. 66).

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  4. The question of what happiness is and what it means to be happy, have long been worried about the man. “Man is created for happiness like a bird for flight”. This well-known saying of the winged folk wisdom “has recorded the fact that happiness refers to the deep sides of the human existence, by its very nature. And that is why the concept of happiness must Express a certain cut of the moral life of man.” (L. A. Popov Ethics. A course of lectures. – M., 1998. – P. 77).

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