Left handed “norm” children is a thing of the past but other “natural choice” pressure is still in

Along with mirror writing in children are often observed mirror drawing. Especially characteristic eversion when drawing: top and bottom, vertical and horizontal, right and left are reversed, and the child does not feel the wrongness. This painting is a manifestation of the child newssenate the basic principles of space organization.
It is also necessary to say about the violations of reading some lefties. In the literature to describe this phenomenon we use the term “dyslexia” is a partial disorder of process of mastering reading, manifested in the numerous repeating errors of resistant character and due to the immature mental functions involved in the reading process. Children with dyslexia may have normal intelligence, verbal language and understanding them is not broken. The difficulties they face when reading, take many forms and has many causes. Some of the causes of the violations are primarily visual-spatial in nature: children have difficulty in perceiving words as a whole. Others may not get the connection between letter combinations and the concepts that they represent.
One explanation for visual-spatial difficulties experienced by some dyslexic children, associates these difficulties with unstable getdomainstat. Unstable getdomainstat may lead to disturbance of eye movements, and the child will find it difficult to follow the order of letters and words on the page. However, I find it necessary to add, that in itself is not left-handedness leads to the emergence of violations of reading. The relationship between dyslexia and leweston mediated.
Considering the difficulties left-handers when learning in school, can not touch the question of training left-handed children. More recently, such attempts to change nature under a common standard were almost commonplace. Now the natural choice has changed, but nevertheless found more cases of violent or non-violent retraining. Therefore, the duties of a psychologist should include preventive work, which consists in explaining to the teachers and parents of possible consequences of such retraining. After retraining the child, changing the leading we are inevitably caused by changes in brain activity. Left-handers and right-handers different organization of the brain. For example, right-handed people the speech center is usually in the left hemisphere (90% of cases), and left-handed he can be in the right hemisphere (70% of cases), but it may be the left and even symmetrically in both hemispheres.
Therefore, the effect of relearning can be a violation of the tempo and rhythm of speech (stuttering, fast speech). According to statistics, every third child with stuttering is retrained Lefty provided for the post by International Adoption research blogger and columnist.
As a result of the relearning, there may also be significant changes in the emotional state of the child: he becomes violent, Moody, irritable, restless sleep, decreased appetite. Later there are more serious violations of frequent headaches, constant lethargy. In the result, developing neurotic reactions, such as nervous tics, enuresis or disturbed functional state of neuro-psychic sphere, ie developing neurosis, for example, writer’s cramp.
The existence of neurosis in left-handed children was specially studied.
In asthenic neurosis noticeable fatigue, quick exhaustion of the nervous system, a sharp decline in health. In fact, children can only work for the first two periods, and then hold their attention very difficult. But there is or increases motor disinhibition. Home cooking lessons is usually delayed, and the results are often unsatisfactory, learn more on international adoption at adoption agencies blog. With a special difficulty are written assignments, the repeated rewriting only worsens the result. Boys and girls the neurosis can manifest itself in different ways. For boys more the characteristic of disinhibition, restlessness, and for girls more common decreased background mood, lethargy, tearfulness.
Left-handed children at school are not uncommon fears, before the failure at school, before written work.
Lefty after transfer may also be obsessive-compulsive disorder – usually in families where parents are anxious left-handedness, and believe that it can serve as a barrier to later life. If parents force their children to perform all actions right hand, and he usually listen and try, but it is poorly managed. In the absence of support and praise for their efforts gradually in children appear anxious expectation of failure, and further Intrusive thoughts about their inferiority.
Known, though more rare at the Junior high, the manifestations of hysterical neurosis, resulting from violent relearning. Hysterical neurosis can manifest in the form of hysterical blindness, vomiting and psychomotor seizures.
All of the above, in my opinion, convinces us that it is impossible to try to change the nature of the way that your teachers and parents. Probably, in this situation the best way is to adapt to the peculiarities of the left-handed child and to help him adapt

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  1. The sounding was developed by the psychology of human freedom.
    The essence was mental for him in man’s quest for freedom. Thanks are due to personal ability to decide and choose, man is neither a slave to his nature, nor toy the world around him.
    Thus, it is possible to say that many psychologists have addressed the problem of fate, as individuals way of life and saw at least two possible scenarios. Fate can be objectively predetermined, where predetermination is when the event occurs in a given place and at a certain point inevitable and the only possible way. In this case, the predetermination is dependent on a number of reasons, most of them originating from early childhood, the value of which almost all were absolutized. Or she has subjectively transformed the life line, which depends from the man himself, from his awareness of what was happening to him and the desire to change anything.

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  2. According to A. Adler, we identify self the knowledge that we attach to what happens to us. And all this is reflected in early recollections. As for remembering the person chooses something that is felt, though very vaguely to them, as connected with his current life.
    Transactional analysis shows how “organized” people psychologically, as they Express their individuality in behavior. Its key ideas are the notion of a model of ego States and life scripts.
    The theory of script was developed by E. Berne and his colleagues, especially Claude Steiner, in the mid 60s. Since then, the concept of scenarios has become one of the important parts of the theory of transactional analysis and is currently the Central. E. Berne in the concept of fate put the concept of life. He believed that the fate of each person is determined primarily by himself, his ability to think and reasonably to relate to everything going on in his life and the world around him. Every person, in childhood, in principle, often unconsciously thinks of his future life, he rolls in his mind their life scenarios. The script – “this is gradually unfolding life plan formed in early childhood under the influence of their parents. E. Byrne defines the concepts of life and life script of a person. He says that way of life is what actually happens.
    The product of the action of various forces are various types of life paths, which can be mixed and lead to one or another type of fate. Types of fate: scenario and neccesary enforced or independent.
    Leopold, Sounding, Swiss psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist, author of one of the directions of depth psychology – the psychology of destiny and the original projective techniques, have made the concept of “fate” the center of his psychology, finding in it the best expression that encompasses all that relates to human life.
    As far as the psychology of fate, the man considered as a creature, which, although subjected from the very beginning of his life to a particular forcing, but with increasing maturity given the chance to choose based on their capabilities, and thereby to freedom.
    So destiny can be imposed or free.
    The Sounding Leopold believed that the imposed destiny of man is:
    heredity, i.e., first of all, everything that was received from their ancestors;
    the social environment in which is born a child.

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  3. psychologists made an absolute role of childhood in individuals way of life. It is believed that at this stage of development is the project of a lifetime.
    A. Adler to denote the concept of life’s journey used the term life style, which was introduced in 1926.
    In his opinion the lifestyle is a value that a person gives to the world and himself, his purpose, the direction of his aspirations.
    A. Adler believed that the meaning of life is comprehended for the first time four or five years of life and comes to him through the senses, which are not fully understood. By the end of the fifth year of life the child reaches a single pattern of behaviour, your own style in approaching problems and tasks.
    A. Adler identified four types of life styles:
    – correct;
    – avoiding;
    – the receivers.

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