Familiarizes the child with complex ideas and things

Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages. The finished toy is good in that it familiarizes the child with complex ideas and things, she brings the child to the issues of technology and complex human economy. Therefore, this game raises the broader work of the imagination. The locomotive in the hands of the boy sets his imagination to transport a certain way, the horse evokes the idea of the animal’s life, care, feeding and use. Parents must make sure that these good sides of this toy were really noticeable for the child, so he was not interested only one side of the toy, its mechanicalness, and lightness for the game. And in particular it is important to ensure that the child was not proud of that dad or mom bought it for such a clever toy, but still not just one but many, while other children do not have such good toys. Generally these mechanical toys that the child really plays with them and is not only easy to brag to the neighbors, and playing not just watching the movement of the toy, and organizing this movement in any complex enterprise. Cars need something to carry, roly poly needs to move elsewhere or to do something, and the doll needs to sleep and to stay awake, to dress and undress, walk in guests and perform some useful work in the toy Kingdom. For children’s fantasy these toys is a large space, and the wider and more serious is deployed this fantasy with such things, the better. If the bear is just being transferred from place to place, if it only bother and gutted, that’s too bad. But if the bear lives in a certain place, specially for his life equipped, if he’s intimidated, or someone’s friends, that’s good.
The second type of toy is placed in front of the child some problem – usually one that need to be solved with the known voltage that the child would never have to deliver but could not. In resolving these tasks already required of visible discipline of thinking requires logic, the notion of lawful relation of parts, and not the mere arbitrary fantasy. A drawback of these toys is that these tasks are always the same, monotonous and bored by their repetition provided for the post by International Adoption research blogger and columnist.
Toys third class – different materials – are the cheapest and the most grateful feature. These toys are most similar to normal human activity: from materials man creates values and culture. If the child is able to play with such things, it means that he already has a high playing culture and the emerging high culture activities. In the toy-the material has a lot of good realism, but at the same time, there is scope for imagination, not just imagination and great creative working of the imagination. If there are pieces of glass or mica, they can make Windows, and it needs to come up with a frame, therefore, initiated the question of the construction of the house. If there is clay and stems of plants, the question arises about the garden.
What type of toys are the best? It is believed that the best way to combine all three types, but in any case not in excess. If the boy or girl has one or two mechanical toys, no need to buy more. Add to this some collapsible toy a little more and add all sorts of materials, and now the toy Kingdom is arranged. Don’t need to have to have the child ran his eyes that he was lost in the abundance of toys. Give him a little bit, but try to keep from that not much he organized the game. And then watch it, listen unbeknownst to his game, try it on its own felt a particular disadvantage and wanted to fill it up. If you bought your child a small horse, and he became interested in the problem of transportation, it is natural that he will feel the lack of cart or carriage. Do not rush to buy him a cart. Try that he made himself of any boxes, spools or cardboard. If he is such a supply will do fine – the goal is reached. But if it requires a lot of carts and makeshift pohvatayu already, don’t need to be made and for the second cart, the second and to buy. The most important thing in this children’s game is to achieve the following :
  1. The child is really played, composed, built, combined.
  2. To not rush from one task to another without completing the first, to bring your work to the end.
  3. Each toy has seen some needed for future value, stored it, shore. In the toy Kingdom must always be a full order, must be cleaned. Toys must not break, and in case of breakages must be repaired; if it is difficult, with the help of parents.
Special attention should be paid by parents on the child’s relationship to the toy. The child should not break the toy, gotta love her, but must not suffer, if it is deteriorated or broken. This goal will be achieved if the child really used to consider myself a good host, if he is not afraid of individual losses and feels unable to correct the trouble. The task of father and mother is always to come PA assistance to the child in such cases, to support him in desperation, to prove to him that human ingenuity and labour can always correct the situation. On this basis, we encourage parents always to take steps to fix a broken toy, never to be thrown ahead of time. In the course of the game, parents should give the child complete freedom of action, but only up to one minute until the game runs correctly. If the child had difficulty in any situation, if the game went too easy, uninteresting, it is necessary to help the child: to give, to get anywhere interesting interview, to add any new, interesting material, and sometimes even to play with him.
Such is the General form of the method in the first stage of the game. In the second stage, parents are required first attention. Your child walked out in the yard, fell into the group of boys. You should carefully consider that it’s for boys. Your little girl reaches out to her friends in the yard, you should know these girls. You should know what the children are fond of surrounding your child, what are they missing, what is bad in their games. It happens very often that attention and initiative of the same father or the same mother are helping to change the lives of a group of children to another place. Have you noticed that children in the winter down like a roller coaster, with an icy trash heap. Collusion with other parents, but if not collusion, then some help guys to fill the slide. Make your boy a simple wooden sled and you will see, other guys will have something similar. In this stage of the game is extremely important and useful is the communication between the parents, unfortunately, a very small part of the parents. It happens that some parents are unhappy with the lives of the children in the yard, but NS will talk to other parents, they did not come up with something to improve this life, and yet it is not so a difficult thing, and each can cope with it. At this stage the children are already organized in some semblance of a team; will be very useful, if their parents will be organized to manage them.
Very often at this stage that children argue, fight, complain about each other. Parents act wrongly if, immediately taking sides with his son or daughter and yourself get involved in a quarrel with the father or mother of the offender. If your child came in tears, if he hurt, if he is suffering and already angry, be slow to anger and rush to attack the offender and his parents. First, calmly ask your son or your little girl, try to imagine an accurate picture of events. It is not often that blame any one party. Probably your child is in something was wrong; explain to him that the game doesn’t always need to be tenacious, you need to seek a peaceful conflict settlement. Try at all costs to reconcile your child with the enemy, invite this enemy into our homes, and with him too, talk, get to know his father, find situation to the end. In this case the most important thing is that you no longer have to see only your child, but should see the whole group of children and bring it together with the other parents. Only in this case will bring you greatest benefits and your child. He will notice that you are not fond of family patriotism, what you do public work, and will see this as an example for their behavior. There is nothing more harmful than hot aggressive father or mother in relation to family, neighbours; such aggression just brings up the nastiness of the character of the child, the suspicion, wild and blind egoism of the family.
In the third stage, the game guide is not already in the hands of parents, it is placed in a school or sports organization, but the parents remain great opportunities for the right impact on the character of the child. First, you need to carefully watch, that the passion for sport did not accept the nature of all-consuming passion, you need to tell the child to other activities. Secondly, you need to call the boy or girl the pride of not only his personal success, still more, the pride of the success of the team or organization. You also need to moderate all traffic, to foster respect for the power of the enemy, to draw attention to the organization, training, discipline in the team. Finally, it is necessary to get a calm attitude to success and failures. And at this stage it would be very nice if the parents get closer to teammates to their son or daughter.
And at all three stages, parents should keenly observe that the game is not sapped the spiritual life of the child that was developing in parallel and work skills. In the game at all three stages you have to nurture the desire for greater satisfaction than simply “glasanje”, the simple pleasure, nurture courage in overcoming difficulties, to cultivate the imagination and scope of mind. And on the second and third stages you have to always keep in mind that here your child joined the society of what is already required not only skill, but also the ability to relate to people.
The game is important in human life, it is a preparation for work and must gradually be replaced by labour. Many parents do not pay enough attention to the business of leadership game and either give the child himself or surround his game with unnecessary concern and unnecessary toys. Parents need to apply different methods at different stages of the game, but should always provide opportunities initiative and the development of his abilities, not denying at the same time, help him in difficult cases. On the second and third stages need to lead not so much a game as the child’s relationship to others and to his team.

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  1. Perhaps a special relationship to the holding of any particular place is linked to the vast expanses of the country, and long preserved the freedom of the population. If you try, even in religion one can find manifestations of this. Because the organization of space in the Orthodox Church was much different than, for example, in Catholic or Protestant. If there were seats for prayer and some of them could be bought by the rich people, the Orthodox churches did not exist fixed seats held by a particular congregation. During the service everyone was standing, and, in principle, even could move. We hope that the reader will forgive us so free analogy, however, according to the hypothesis of Klyuchevsky, the space played an integral role in the formation of the Russian national character.


  2. Over mountains, over ranges, over deep seas lies a beautiful country. Free were its steppes, dense forests, deep rivers. On this earth for thousands of years people lived: cultivated land, raised cattle, traded with neighbors, and, if the need arose, defended in the wars of countability. In General, everything is like everywhere. But for some reason wrote the chronicler: “our Land is rich and abundant, about same in it”. No “mind not to understand” or “common yardstick does not measure”. Indeed, in many respects different from the country of svojgazda. Around when slavery existed, its citizens have been free, when in neighbouring States, people have become more free, its inhabitants were enslaved. And not only that. Even the attitude of the inhabitants of this land its rulers were strange. Not only that, according to legend, they themselves called their rulers from other countries “possess and knezice us”, so how would acknowledging your own inability to create on their land “order.” Interesting and real features of the Board. According to the will of Yaroslav the Wise, which to some extent determined the order of succession almost until the Union of Russia, when he died the eldest in the family, in his place sat the nearest in seniority, leaving his portion to the next. So moved all the princes, changing your destiny at a significant. I.e. every member of the kind owned all the land and nobody owned her completely.


  3. There was a great power, the biggest in the world. This power grew and seemingly prospered, until suddenly… turned into “the Kingdom of crooked mirrors”. Some say that it happened by the will of the evil genius — “the old world was destroyed”, as if by magic, and in its place a “new built”. Others say that “the Kingdom of crooked mirrors” – “Knowledge base ” itself has grown in this place, as a continuation of all that had been before. Maybe it’s true. Let us ponder over the peculiarities of early life in this our country.

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  4. Man judges about the emotional state of the other special expressive movements, facial expressions, change of voice. Posture, gesture, movement largely complement and facial expressions play an important role in the transmission of emotional States. Therefore, the task classes is to teach children to understand their own emotional state, to Express their feelings and recognize the feelings of others through facial expressions, gestures, expressive movements, intonation.
    In addition, during the work of the children indirectly learn relaxation skills and self-regulation, which creates conditions for the formation of their ability to control their emotional state. Since emotions are contagious, collective empathy strengthens them and allows you to get a more vivid experience of living emotional situations.
    Ongoing classes are part of a large experimental work with the introduction of the hermeneutic approach in the learning process implemented in the school “1108 USWA of Moscow, and held me in recent years school-based research on the socialization of students.

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