Finland: the adoption of children from Russia ceased completely

10The adoption of children from Russia to Finland at the moment completely stopped, told TASS Advisor to the Finnish Ministry of justice Merja Norros during a visit to the offices of journalists of the Russian Federation.
This happened after the Finnish Parliament approved the civil initiative on same-sex marriages.

“There is a multilateral Hague Convention, which Russia has signed but not ratified. In addition, between our two countries have no bilateral agreement on adoption. And in practice, those institutions which were engaged in the adoption, ended cooperation with Russia”, – said Norris.
According to her, Russia has bilateral treaties on international adoption, with some countries, but Finland at the official level, such a document was not offered. “The foreign Ministry, certainly better informed, but as far as I know, this document was not offered. Also in the agreement, probably, many would have such provisions, which we would have to consider,” says Norris.
On the Russian legislation in the sphere of international adoption
Russian laws prohibit cooperation in the field of adoption with those countries that allow same-sex marriage, with the exception of States with which an agreement on international adoption. Finland this document was not. In addition, last year the Finnish side informed that does not consider this step necessary at this stage.

The number of adopted children in Finland of Russian children has declined over the past decade. If in 2006, the Finns adopted 50 Russian children, last year there were just 10.
12 December 2014, the Finnish Parliament in the second reading approved a citizen’s initiative on equal marriage. Voted 101 Deputy, against – 90. Now the right to enter into a formal marriage will also receive same-sex couples. Experts clarify that the laws in any case can not be changed instantly, and so it may take several more years before same-sex marriage in Finland will indeed become a reality. Now such couples are allowed only to register a civil partnership, and they don’t have the same rights enjoyed by ordinary families discover more news at international adoption agencies forum. In particular, it is about being able to take common surname and adopt children. It is anticipated that changes will take effect in March 2017. The initiative for equal marriage collected nearly 170 thousand signatures, and, according to the new Finnish laws, the Parliament was obliged to consider, regardless of the content.

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