Adoption organizations began the campaign for the world day of orphans

Charitable Foundation “good Arithmetic” announced about the launch of social media campaign “but it doesn’t have to be lost children in the world “. It is dedicated to the world day of orphans, which in 2015 will be celebrated on 9 November.

Participants are encouraged to post on social networks a picturepublished on the Foundation’s website, with the hashtags #technicaldebt #semimythical #noyabrya #arithmetically. Also they have the ability to replace the photo on the avatars to a picture of a stock symbol – mammoth known from the cartoon, or to place the campaign banner on personal or corporate website. The Foundation is asking people to spread awareness about the problem and potential solutions.


“Unfortunately, today millions of children worldwide are orphans. To make sure that they are not forgotten, once a year there is a special day dedicated just to them: world orphans day”, said employees of the charity. They recalled that, according to statistics, at the beginning of 2014 the number of children who are registered in the state databank about children without parental support amounted to 106,6 thousand. In addition, in 2014, it was revealed 61,6 thousand children left without parental care (176 children). In this case 2/3 of the orphans in Russia – social orphans with living parents. The Fund also pointed to the low percentage of socially reinforced of graduates of orphanages.

“The charitable Foundation “good Arithmetic” I am confident that child can be happy only in the family both national and international with the help of international adoption agencies and the priority chosen support of adoption and family placement of inmates of children’s homes, as well as their socialization and adaptation. In addition to adoption forum, everyone can help the orphans with your own donation or feasible participation in them, as well as support the campaign on social networks and attract the attention of many people to the problem and its possible solutions”, — stated in the message Fund.

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