To Be in Harmony with Yourself

Such camouflage tactics usually saps the strength, and not only those who resort to it, but others as well. Confident people are those who do form and confident substance all around themselves and attract other people mostly of the same nature.
Confident people have a wonderful rhythm in their speach and excellent form of dialog abilities see international adoption agencies ; their tone of voice is firm, and yet melodic. Their statements are directly from their hearts and always find direct way to the hearts of other people. They express themselves using a small number words and they are very informative, people always like to hear them and accept their meaasges gladly. 1

However in life we meet people where often happens on the contrary.

TODAY with particular urgency the question of needs of people is in normal, i.e. not harmful to, living conditions. These include not only the need for normal food, water, air, shelter, etc., but also the need for normal psycological and spiritual climate surrounding the person.

Disregarding the ecology of ‘real’ leads to deterioration of physical health. Ignoring the laws and environmental requirements of “psychic” – to moral, cultural, intellectual and then degradation.

Today already from the time of conception the fetus is affected by the environment. And it’s not only physical and chemical influence (with that in mind, the woman before conception should not drink alcohol, nicotine, etc.), but a psychological as well. Bringing new generation into the world we aften forget that “Symphony Of Beethoven heard in the womb, how for thin wall panel home”- what we do today in our lives is dorectly affects the child who is not even born no yet come to this world , we set the psychological environment for his future character and his future life, read more good stories on forum on international adoption. This fact is still not taken into account in everyday life.